Ten Creative Camera Concepts

The camera is one gadget that gets me jittery. We have come a long way from the pin hole to the digitalized era; but the abundant options and navigations in the current ones leave me all confused. One time, I almost managed to ruin my African Safari photographs coz I forgot to switch the focus from manual to automatic! However, here is a look at ten concept cameras for the future that are conspiring to leave me as the amateur photographer, while you folks become the pro.

10) The Canon Snap by David Münscher


A single button interface and small enough to fit like a ring, this camera is for those whimsical sorts who upload every moment of their lives on social sites. Almost like a finger’s point of view!

9) Flying Stick Camera by Tsunho Wang


Using kinetic energy to power it, the Flying Stick is like those fascinating straw helicopters we used to get at the beach. Rub it between your palms and whoosh it away! I’m sure it will capture your bald plate perfectly!

8 ) Triops Digital Camera by Franziska Faoro


Don’t want a chopper camera, no worries play catch with it. Three protected fisheye lenses capture the moments of joy in a panoramic way, every time you throw these beauties.

7) Samsung SS700 by Jin Woo Han


Wow, imagine a camera that doubles up as a display. Imagine the amount of money you will save on those digital photo frames! Wow!

6) Touch Sight by Chueh Lee, Liqing Zou, Ning Xu, Saiyou Ma, Dan Hu, Fengshun Jiang & Zhenhui Sun


A digital camera for the visually impaired sounds like an oxymoron to me! Jokes aside, the Touch Sight has a lightweight, flexible Braille display sheet which displays a 3D image by embossing the surface. Neat, very neat!

5) Fun Camera by Jian Guan


Adding the fun element to the art of photography, this camera will give us a fisheye distortion view of the pics that we take. You can even click funny pic of yourself thanks to its magnifying glass iteration.

4) Skyros by Siddharth Kambe & Dipti Hanako Kambe


From the heavens above…or more closer, say 120 feet and then all the way back to its base; Skyros captures images at regular intervals and brings them back for you. Almost like hooking a cam to a boomerang, only this one flies up further and is safer.

3) eXtreme Compact Digicam by Camillo Vanacore


An all-weather, all-terrain coolpix camera, answer to my prayers?

2) Panoramic Digital Camera by Hye-Jeong Yang


Ok, so we recounted cameras that fly, soar and even one which we can throw. So let’s do a different motion, how about one that spins and captures all that it sees on the trip?

1) USB Digital Camera by Sungwoo Park


This no-fuss-pot is my kinda camera, click it…load it and view it. Simple as that!