Wind-powered London by Marks Barfield

Architect says London could meet half of energy needs by installing thousands of wind turbines alongside rivers and roads.

London Eye architect Marks Barfield has called on London mayor Ken Livingstone to install thousands of wind turbines across the capital to meet his renewable energy targets.

A team including MBA, environmental consultant XCO2 and engineer Price & Myers claims that half of the mayor’s aim to generate 665 GWh per annum from renewable sources could be met by placing one specially-designed wind turbine every 24 hectares.

The team has calculated that 600 structures could be placed along the length of the Thames, 1800 around the M25 and 4170 along 580km of roads in the capital.

The turbines the team is proposing are 40m high, Y-shaped structures that should rise above the city’s rooftops. Each one would generate over 50,000kWh per annum and would be directly connected into local grids.

Designer: Marks Barfield