Love Affair With London And Lego

Clearly the Volkswagen Conerto Concept Car is inspired by London’s rustic charm and the sustainability of Lego. While I won’t get into the personal journey of London retro-modern muse, I’ll explain to you how Lego is involved in the scenario. Take a piece of Lego block from any era, and you will see that it fits the current version like a glove. Using this idea as a base, the construction of the Conerto is such that it allows you to fit pieces of the car in a similar fashion.

It’s like dividing a car according to its section or functionality, thus transforming the entire car design. New innovations in the automobile industry make it possible to integrate suspension parts and customize wheel configuration. Moreover using natural materials for finishing the exteriors instead of paint, makes the Lego-brick-like construction whimsical and appealing.

Here’s what Hong has to say about the construction:

A buyer can begin his life with a car as a short wheelbase two-seater, and it can be transformed into a new function by adding new sections or subtracting sections. At the end of the lifecycle it can be dismantled, sold, traded, or used as furniture. The sections can also be locally sourced as different regions have different sustainable materials and economy. Producing the car can be made by factories, which would have a reduced footprint, or at home. Building it yourself makes a connection to your car, rekindling that passion and love for cars.

Measures of great automobile design are not seen through the bends of the sheetmetal, but from the thought and passion underneath it.

Designer: Hong Yeo







Volkswagen Conerto Concept Car by Hong Yeo



  • Wybie says:

    i think its weird

  • Carl says:

    chitty bang bang we love you..!

  • M.S.W. says:

    This looks more like K’NEX® then LEGO®

    Where are the fully enclosed modules for those Englanders that loathe being soaked in the rain?

    As far as safety lengthen the bottom rails to attach front and rear bumpers/fenders.

  • AlienzExist says:

    I love legos, and I would love to see car buying get to a level where we decide everything.

  • fino says:

    I think it’s such a great concept, somehow around designers ir is hard to find this kind of ideas,

    I just loved it at first impretion… nice job!

  • rdee says:

    Washing this car will be a nightmare. It will take you maybe half day to clean it 😉

  • rdee says:

    Washing this car will be a nightmare. It will take you maybe half day to clean it 😉

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