Design Submissions 101: More is Good

We here at YD receive countless designer submitted concepts on a daily basis. The vast majority of them are relatively self explanatory and/or come with a detailed concept breakdown including such delectable little tid-bits like “purpose”, “functionality”, “materials in use” and a number of useful insights for a proposed design.

So it is with great tongue biting that I present to you the “MINULUX” by designer Jukka Rautiainen. Jukka’s submission started the “description” of the Minulux with industrial design babble like “the greatest challenge for design is to do more with less…” Great, thanks for that morsel of info. But then the description gets even more ambiguous: “a vehicle concept aimed at urban dwellers who rely on public, shared and human powered transport as modes of daily mobility and for whom their own car is all about self indulgence, a way to enjoy leisure time. The car powers itself entirely with solar energy restored during long periods when parked and when driven, delivers freedom and joy of mobility, carbon free.” Saying that your design is “carbon free” does not help us understand your design. That is tantamount to describing a computer as free from emitting hot fudge sundaes.

That’s it folks. Anyone want to take a stab at what is the point of those ears popping out of the roof?

Sorry for calling you out on this one Jukka, but someone needed to be made an example of. Oh, and before I forget… cute design.

Designer: Jukka Rautiainen