Design Submissions 101: More is Good

We here at YD receive countless designer submitted concepts on a daily basis. The vast majority of them are relatively self explanatory and/or come with a detailed concept breakdown including such delectable little tid-bits like “purpose”, “functionality”, “materials in use” and a number of useful insights for a proposed design.

So it is with great tongue biting that I present to you the “MINULUX” by designer Jukka Rautiainen. Jukka’s submission started the “description” of the Minulux with industrial design babble like “the greatest challenge for design is to do more with less…” Great, thanks for that morsel of info. But then the description gets even more ambiguous: “a vehicle concept aimed at urban dwellers who rely on public, shared and human powered transport as modes of daily mobility and for whom their own car is all about self indulgence, a way to enjoy leisure time. The car powers itself entirely with solar energy restored during long periods when parked and when driven, delivers freedom and joy of mobility, carbon free.” Saying that your design is “carbon free” does not help us understand your design. That is tantamount to describing a computer as free from emitting hot fudge sundaes.

That’s it folks. Anyone want to take a stab at what is the point of those ears popping out of the roof?

Sorry for calling you out on this one Jukka, but someone needed to be made an example of. Oh, and before I forget… cute design.

Designer: Jukka Rautiainen


  • poundguy says:

    Thanks for saying this. It is a cool looking bubble car thing, but I too am sick to death of “Designer” that save the world an eliminate all the bad in a product with the tap of a few self indulgent keystrokes and an Alias class.

    Serious work has to be done on this issue, and hard work, and when so many in the design world rely on magic to realize their vaporware ideas, the rest of the serious deign community (with ideas and skills to contribute) are left out of the important conversations. When the perception is that we do nonsense like this and call it a solution to the problem, you can understand why serious people, who have to build the future, don’t engage designers on the right level.

    Stop designing science fiction guys and girls, or stop calling yourselves designers.

  • Mark says:

    I believe those little “ears popping up” are solar panels that only open when the vehicle is stopped and parked for a long time. Confused me for a while when looking at it too….kinda thought it was a door.

    • M.S.W. says:

      The “ears” could probably hacked to be used as rudders during high speed racing too 😉

  • Wybie says:

    Awesome, this is what comes to mind when i think of “future car”

  • Alexei says:

    Nice model.

  • J Dizzle says:

    Is he out of his mind? The guy calls his car “self indulgent” and suggests that his only purpose is for leisure time?

    Why the heck would you design it to look like an insect? I would suggest that a vehicle that looks like a bug is for commuting. A car for the worker bee. The only reason to own said ugly vehicle is because it benefits the world with it’s zero emission powertrain as a trade for it’s ugly duckling looks. (Face it, people think medicine has to taste bad if it’s going to be effective.)

    If you’re going to make a car that you call extravagent and “for leisure time to enjoy driving” then you design a SPORTS car. Something exciting that attracts people to it and makes you WANT to get behind the wheel.

    To poundguy’s point. There’s nothing wrong with vaporware. It serves as inspirational material to others. But this… this is just poorly thought out.

  • J Dizzle says:

    THIS guy has a MA from RCA?
    I can hardly believe it. The concept is SO poorly thought out.

    If you’re going design a self indulgent car for leisure time, you don’t make it look like an insect. You make it look like a hot rod. You make it sexy and exciting and foriegn to attract people. Know your customer first.

    Crap, I’m only a third year TD student and even I know that…

    • candy says:

      Maybe he knows something you don’t since you’re only a third year student.

    • decaPODA says:

      open up dude..
      if the “MA” guy from “RCA” managed to convinced his profs n sold the “leisure could be a cute small car” i see nothing wrong here..
      why would a darn expensive sport car only tag the “leisure” on it..i think he really defended the “urban dwellers” the small car..

  • W says:

    Well seems to be that the ears reveal the solar panels on the roof and possibly underneath the ears. Ears seem to be made from some sort of programmable matter/alloy material. reminds me of the BMW concept car with the fabric skin

  • JZeke says:

    If he had just said this was a future take on a Mini Cooper I’d be far more convinced. From the headlights, to the roof to the general stance – it fairly screams future Cooper.

    Even the name makes no mistake what he was chasing.

    So why not just admit it? Its a pretty nice interpretation of the Mini Brand taken that way.

    • decaPODA says:

      would second your opinion buddy.. was scrolling down to say the same thin..a future mini..or some other guy to take on mini in the hawt-small car segment ..

      love the design though..dont buy the solar power ,carbon free stuff..sorry..

  • Beatnyc says:

    Does feel future mini. Simple form with a good dose of detail to keep it exciting. Love the wheels!

  • Ethereal says:

    I could be wrong but I read his description: “a vehicle concept aimed at urban dwellers who rely on public, shared and human powered transport as modes of daily mobility and for whom their own car is all about self indulgence, a way to enjoy leisure time.” as this being an electric vehicle designed for commuting and getting around cities. Probably as a way of avoiding congestion charges in London etc.

    You would own your own car for self-indulgent leisure time.

  • Vandelay says:

    I have to ask from J Dizzle, who b.t.w seem to be a really passionate guy. How thorough research have you done of leisure car markets? You seem to know a lot. Would you share some more of your “one-truth-world”, please.

    One thing you need have a closer look is bugs…

  • JieKen says:

    Is’t very good.

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