Electromagnetic Propulsion Bikes

The Pandur 2L and Modelul Le aren’t quite motorcycles but we can’t call them “two-wheelers” either. In fact, “two-ballers” would be a more appropriate name. The vehicles are based on an electromagnetic propulsion system that involves the movement of a sphere inside a shell and suspension given by the electric field between the body and each sphere. Contact is only found between rider and vehicle body as well as the spherical rubber exterior and road.

Definitely out there, but sure to get you thinkin’.

Designer: Lucian Popescu


  • Timmy Howard says:

    This. Kicks. Ass!!!!

  • Quintin says:

    I’ve been thinking about wheels like that. At the moment I’m afraid they’ll be much to expensive to build.

    Very cool, though… You’d be able to do the weirdest manoeuvres… (see the movie ‘I, Robot’ for some examples…)

  • gégé says:

    Wouhahou! SO ugly!!!

  • MDesigns says:

    No words to describe how underwhelming this is…

  • Jarosław Ciupiński says:

    Could this be more complicated and expensive? Probably yes.

  • SnakeBite says:

    But how does this system brakes?
    Dar cum franeaza?

  • HGH says:

    I’m sorry to say that Mr.Quintin but it seems you are an idiot ( better explanation you are an asshole ) .
    You complain about every thing . I assure you if you keep silence, no one will think you are …

  • KOKO says:

    great idear,but the wheel a little huge.

  • Vwill says:

    hmmm… FF7 AC? anybody? parts where they drive their bikes and fight at the same time?

  • Hunter says:

    The wheel’s computer (that sounds really weird) in Render 12 looks very iRobot-esque.

    Just sayin’.

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