Italian Pleasure Boat

MAS 36, the latest concept from Designers Manfredi Conforzi & Filippo Biagi of KEYFRAMEStudio, is a far cry from their more gentle designs but still maintains the fine Italian styling they’re known for. Inspired by the lines of mid-20th century Italian car designs, the 10 meter yacht combines modern elegance with the strong Italian tradition of the shipyard. The vessel, soon to be introduced to the market by builder MAS Srl, will have room for 8 passengers who will enjoy an opulent sundeck & interior that can quickly be converted from dinette to sleeping quarters. An ideal solution for those terribly long weekends.

Powered by a 370 hp inboard engine, the tender will be able to achieve a maximum speed around 40 knots and a cruising speed of 35 knots.

Designer: KEYFRAMEStudio