A smart car concept with flexible storage space and electric butlers to ferry your luggage!

The future of transportation is filled with breath-taking concepts that explore modular platforms, futuristic drivetrains and fully autonomous driving abilities. But something which is often overlooked or ignored is the storage of personal belongings, which greatly influences people’s investment in the vehicles.

This intriguing concept is EXIGEN, it intelligently adapts to the passenger’s storage needs by having an array of trunks, wheelbases and body-types which can be interchanged depending on what is required!

Something which we can’t help but love is the Butler that comes with it! The intelligent cargo-drone exists the vehicle via the trunk and will carry your belongings for you. Its top surface is constructed of an intelligent, flexible structure that recognizes the weight and shape of the item of luggage and adjusts its shape to accommodate it!

In addition to practicality, EXIGEN features a passenger-focused interior that offers a sublime level of luxury for traveling in the up-most comfort.

Designers: Felix Marx & Bene Distler in collaboration with Brose

With flexible subscription models, EXIGEN offers a mobility package tailored to individual needs, which sends a configured “Fleet Shuttle” to the desired location at any time.

The customizable glazing tint ensures the privacy of the occupants. It also allows a complete darkening of the interior space, for example for sleeping during longer journeys.

The seats are freely rotatable and pivotable inside the vehicle, depending on the individual wishes of the passenger

Due to its optimized aerodynamics and high-performance electric motors, EXIGEN enables fully autonomous driving at top speed, offering an individual alternative to long-distance air or rail travel. On special speed lanes, the vehicle draws its energy directly from the lane via induction.

If the mobility package “PRIVATE COMFORT ” has been selected, EXIGEN will not be used as a shared vehicle during the time it is not needed and will automatically search for a suitable parking space.

The vehicle features an intelligent cargo drone, which moves out of the trunk to equip the electric car with luggage and items.

The spherical tires allow a higher maneuverability compared to conventional wheels. Furthermore they adapt in their condition to the respective ground to ensure the best possible grip.

The intelligent, flexible structure recognizes the shape and weight of luggage and other items placed on it – and automatically holds them in place by adjusting its shape.

In the fleet center, the vehicles are individually equipped according to the needs of the customers. Depending on whether they will travel short or long distances, have a lot or a little luggage to carry, want to sleep or work the suitable module will be docked.

The extendable wheelbase of the vehicle allows the docking of larger trunk modules with a longer overhang.

The EXIGEN Cloud collects data from its customers calendar sync, smart home and all connected devices to calculate their needs and estimate their mobility habits. All data is drawn with the customers permission only and of course: fully encrypted. With neural networking and deep learning the algorithm of the EXIGEN Ai predicts when and where a car is needed and which interior and trunk configuration suits the passengers needs the most.

For the family, who wants to travel with a lot of luggage, the algorithm automatically selects the spacious Kombi variant (station wagon) with either space for 2 extra people or a much larger trunk.

For the athlete with bulky luggage, such as Ski equipment or a mountain bike, the algorithm automatically selects the aerodynamic PickUp variant with a large cargo area.