Solar Powered Sunflower Jaguar

Welcome to the future – where plants take us by surprise and seal our fates as the dear or dying species on this planet! Our only defense is the “Jaguar Mark XXI.” Designer Christopher Pollard has made this nature defense vehicle. It drives like a mother. Then when parked, the black panels activate. These panels are photovoltaic, lift from the car automatically, and face the sun, like the sunflower. Scary, right?

It’s totally science. Watch the video. You’ll see it.

The “living” panels signify “the synergy between the car’s energy replenishing function and the natural science from which it takes its inspiration.” The photovoltaic panels use solar power – a power you may have heard of – to power the car. Additional details bist written below. It’s like a -oh what to do you call it – Transformer!

Green car / in disguise!

Designer: Christopher Pollard

Jaguar Mark XXI by Christopher Pollard 01

Jaguar Mark XXI by Christopher Pollard 02

Jaguar Mark XXI by Christopher Pollard 03

Jaguar Mark XXI by Christopher Pollard 04

Jaguar Mark XXI by Christopher Pollard 05

Jaguar Mark XXI by Christopher Pollard 06


  • AE says:

    Mmmmmmmm another ‘looks nice but totally implausable’ idea. Don’t get me wrong, i like the idea of photovoltaics getting energy to drive the car, but why not design something that can actually use it and actually work.

    • Chris Burns says:

      because you gotta go crazy before you can get nuts. don’t you listen to Prince?

  • DaLk says:

    As you can see in the video, there’s an obvious problem with solar flaps : as they rise, they cast a shadow the rest of the flaps, making they useless.

    they’d better stay put, as all the energy they can absorb would end eaten up by their own servomotors.
    Il like the looks, but there’s something odd about rear wheels, and i’m not sure whether this is intentionnal or not

  • Kny says:

    why would you wanna design something that you know could work, where’s the innovation in that.
    where’s the “bringing it to a new level”

  • Sam, Wisconsin says:

    Where is the door?

  • HYD says:

    I really like it, despite the shape or the concept.
    Dude, it’s a beautiful beetle.

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