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Dear Diary on The Table

Remember the Watch Diary, yes the very one that pointed out your current chores with a bright red pointer and sheepishly reminded you of ones you…

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Time and Memories

Wonjune Song sent us his version of how time flows like a river and memories are all that are left behind. Nice esoteric thoughts, but I…

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Timed Organizer In A Book

In the day and age where electronic gadgets double up as reminders of tasks and appointments, I applaud Wonjune Song’s bold move to go back to…

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Blind Stick With Eyes

It is the familiar red and white stick, but with enhanced features that make it quite a practical solution for blind commuters. The Eye Stick is…

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Intelligent Wristwatch Gaming

It is only every few years that a new hand-held video game system gets invented. They keep getting smaller, having better graphics, and being basically the…

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