The Oven Re-constructed

There’s been a trend to separate ovens and cooktop surfaces but Ciprian Frunzeanu thinks that’s the wrong way to go. For maximum space and energy efficiency, he presents the Oven Re-Constructed. The cooktop surface is made of a series of plates. You cook on them like any other induction surface but they can also be arranged into a cube to form an oven. Snazzy.

Designer: Ciprian Frunzeanu

The oven Re-constructed by Ciprian Frunzeanu


  • Confucius says:

    I want to touch it. Probably not advised… its interesting, but what is supporting the cube sides and do you position them with your hands? the hotplates seem to thin to A, transfer heat while still having a hinge action and B, to contain a heating element that thin…

  • A.C. says:

    It’s nice, visually. However, economical use of space or not, as an avid oven user (almost all my food is oven baked, call me lazy, I care NOT :P) that would be useless. Even if the elements could be made that thin AND somehow safe, it’s still far too small to cook anything truly useful. Well, if you eat as much as I do anyway… nice idea though.

  • M.S.W. says:

    Interesting, it would work best on an kitchen island layout. Only main concern with the Oven feature is the limited cooking size. Not big enough for a turkey. It also could use some sort of rack/shelf system to make it easy to bake of some fresh cookies 🙂

  • zeusalmighty says:

    It’s clever in a way. Besides being flat (which isn’t always functional though), the elements on the side could easily double as cooking stoves for frying pans and such, when the device is unfolded. But if the main point is to save space, this does a very bad job at it. Even if the pot in the oven, visible in the first image is small, the unfolded device would still be huge.

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