Classy Kitchen Companions

Of the many things that you require to make your kitchen aesthetically functional, the cutting board, colander, and knife block require the most amount of attention due to the work that they do. These components have to be visually appealing as well as competent enough to endure the rigors that they go through daily. A set of sculpted functional blocks called the Workspace Component Group has been specifically designed for the Backplash System of kitchens by Henrybuilt. They are designed to be integrated around the sink and work classy!

This is what Henrybuilt has to say about the set, but I’d much rather you watch the video presented here.

The cutting board and colander attach to the backsplash via small buttons installed on each panel and slide into the countertop drain board for use over the sink. The knife block, which is also attached to the backsplash, holds six to seven knives, ranging from a small paring knife to a large chef knife (up to 8”). The large knives are secured with magnets while the small knives rest in slots.

The cutting board, colander, and knife block are made from high-density plastic (HDPE), a durable material that is easy to clean. The backsplash panels are available in Corian, Paperstone, stainless steel, bamboo, and standard Henrybuilt veneers, and can be ordered with wood or bamboo shelving. Stone counters can also be fabricated to work with the system. Designed with ease of installation in mind, the system’s modular backsplash panels hang via a cleat bracket system.

Designer: Henrybuilt