Mobile Script Phone Needs No Stinkin’ Batteries

Yay! It’s been awhile since we’ve posted a mobile phone concept that promises to do everything under the sun in the thinnest form factor. I was getting withdrawal symptoms. The Mobile Script phone explores what functions any contemporary mobile device should have; internet access, documents on the go, games, communication, and mobility.

It has 2 touch screens, one in a traditional candy bar style format, the other a flexible OLED that stiffens with a low voltage charge when you unfurl it. This layout enables maximum real estate when watching movies or editing documents when you need it.

Okay if that wasn’t enough, there’s more futurist fantasms. You don’t need to charge it, yes you heard right. The case is covered in a photo sensitive nano material that converts sun light into energy. Oh my!

You know what? I like it.

Designer: Aleksandr Mukomelov