No Tangible Screen For this Mobile Phone

Are you over the iPhone 3G S and Palm Pre? Good, coz I got to get you prepared for the future. In ten years from now, there probably will be no war amongst manufacturers with regards to display; coz there simply will be NONE! Holograms will replace the screens! Trou Hologram Mobile Phone relies totally on 3D holograms being projected in the vacant display area. Tiny projectors line the inner surface of the hollow and bring to life the many aspects of the technology. Imagine seeing 3D maps of a particular area or your girlfriend’s hologram when she calls!

Designer: Mac Funamizu


  • ryan says:

    If 10 years from now. Will we be still using keypad?
    Or something more interesting ???

  • Luke says:

    How does Funamizu eat, let alone make enough money to have the means to concoct this stuff?

    • Rig says:

      By focusing on the end result only.

      Argue a limitation and it is yours.
      Of course, there is the choice to argue for what ever else, and that too, is yours.

  • Mr.Floppy says:

    Cool. But, is it possible to be “touchholo” too?
    I’d don´t like to go back to buttons.

    Well, I don’t know if holograms can be “touchable”.

    • erltee says:

      they can if they have embeded distance lazer and a facsimle of trip lazers pointers and some seriously creative software and programing
      using the distance lazers the could pinpoint the fingers location in the plane of the hologram but the need the trip lazers to tll how deep the finger is withen the hologram

  • weshwesh says:

    is Mac Funamizu working at Yanko or best friend of yanko team?

  • Lamah says:

    So we’re imagining a future where we have holographic displays, and we’re still using a tiny keypad? Really? And why is it so fugly?

    • Luke says:

      That’s Funamizu for you. He pretentiously claims that he “can always create user-centered designs that captivate and magnetize users’ attention,” and yet he shows about as much skill and imagination as an 8th grader dicking around in Rhino 3D.

      Why Radhika Seth insists on posting this stuff even after Billy May openly attacked Funamizu’s crap is beyond my understanding. (Incidentally, I do wonder why May had to update his article to sound apologetic.)

  • yon, salchichon says:

    buttons ? omg

  • Greg says:

    How do you project opaque black?

  • When can I get one?

  • ביטוח says:

    When can I get one?

  • victoria says:

    Wen Can Yu Buy That Phone???

  • magicB says:

    Is that a girl??

  • Fernando says:

    what is the price of the phone? where can i buy the phone?

  • Fernando says:

    what is the price of the phone? where can i buy the phone?

  • bob says:

    wow cool phone

  • bob says:

    wow cool phone

  • bbbrad says:

    how to get it

  • bbbrad says:

    how to get it

  • dev says:

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    And this product compeny name pl z

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