Bring the stars inside!

You’d be hard pressed to find a single person who hasn’t laid back and enjoyed the night sky. This creative design capitalizes on our very human curiosity with the stars, mimicking the twinkling starlight, outdoor noise and even scents to create a therapeutic and relaxing space to sleep. Whether it’s too cold outside or you’re just trying to avoid creepy night crawlers, it’s perfect for cozying up next to someone in the comfort of home.

Designer: Natalia Rumyantseva


  • Kari says:

    Designer: Natalia Rumyantseva
    bed with stars
    i must know if this product is for sale and how much please let me know

  • Latonya Abdul-Raheem says:

    How much is this wonderfully designed bed? And how to order?

  • Rahul S. says:

    From bed those will look like some disturbing big alien light sources & not like stars.. Reduce the size of that light holes to 0.1mm to 0.5mm max to look like tiny stars…

  • Maureen says:

    Where can we buy this???

  • Deja Edwards says:

    How much is it? where can I buy it from? Are the cosmos beds even for sale?

  • Delkin says:

    Interested in buying! Would like to get a price, thanks!

  • yalda says:

    I need the price please

  • gayathri says:

    Is it for sale? Please tell the price.

  • gayathri says:

    Is it for sale Please tell the price.

  • Dalia says:

    Is it even on sale & how much is the price please? It’s annoying to post a nice thing that doesn’t exist to buy

  • Dalia says:

    how much is the price please? It’s annoying to post a nice thing that doesn’t exist to buy

  • T.Boombatz says:

    yes please inform when this will be available to purchase , amazing , Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nelly says:

    I will love to invest n something like this bed …. I will much appreciated if you give me a price .. thanks

  • Mia says:

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  • robert says:

    To how much is the cosmos bed.

  • Tomáš pačan says:

    Prosím cenu vesmír postel Děkuji

  • Breanna Gonzalez says:

    I would really want to get one. How much is it?

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