SwitchBot’s latest product turns your regular locks into IoT Smart Locks

It’s 2022, and it’s high time your smartphone or wearable could open doors for you.

Designed to retrofit onto any standard single deadbolt locks, the SwitchBot Lock comes with a rotary robotic arm that locks or unlocks your door on command. It takes seconds to install, and once put in place, lets you automatically control your door lock via an app, Bluetooth, proximity, or even voice commands.

The door lock is just one of many ‘dumb’ products that the SwitchBot team hopes to make ‘smart’. The company began its journey with the original SwitchBot Bot – a connected mechanical finger that could switch lights and fans on or off via the internet. Soon SwitchBot forayed into other smart home appliances, including smart plugs, lights, sensors, cameras, and more notably, their award-winning SwitchBot Curtain, a tiny robot that moved up and down the curtain rod, opening or closing curtains intuitively.

Designer: SwitchBot

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Today, SwitchBot adds yet another clever gizmo to their collection. The SwitchBot Lock is a simple, one-step device that takes your regular lock and makes it an intelligent one. It attaches to your door using a secure 3M VHB tape and comes with an adapter that rests on your door lock’s rotating knob. The lock works via Bluetooth and connects to the SwitchBot app on your smart device. If you’ve got a SwitchBot Hub Mini, you can even connect your lock to the internet and control it from anywhere, remotely opening it for friends or family without being within the Bluetooth range. Worried about being hacked? The SwitchBot Lock runs 128-bit AES encryption, an industry standard. Don’t have your phone at hand? The SwitchBot Lock can also be controlled via the Apple Watch, and can still be used manually by simply twisting the knob on the device or using the key as you normally would.

Unlock your door remotely using SwitchBot Hub Mini. Or use voice commands with SwitchBot Hub Mini and your smart home assistant will help you unlock your door.

SwitchBot Lock can also be controlled by using your Apple Watch.

See what your lock has been up to with real-time event logs.

An even faster way to unlock your door.

The SwitchBot Lock can fit onto most standard deadbolt locks, and the company is also working on 3D printed accessories that allow it to work with other designs too. Built to last, the gadget can easily withstand 50,000 locks and unlocks (that’s roughly 14 years if you lock/unlock your door a total of 10 times each day), and runs on two replaceable 3V CR123A batteries that last 6 months based on the same 10-times-a-day metric. When paired with the SwitchBot Hub Mini, the lock can be controlled via most third-party voice assistant services such as Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, Siri Shortcuts, SmartThings, LINE Clova, etc… and SwitchBot is also working on an auxiliary keypad that lets you input access codes to lock or unlock your door, so guests and house-help can come and go whenever they want, while you receive notifications every time the door is opened or closed. Go visit the SwitchBot website and ‘unlock’ a new smart home experience!

Click Here to Buy Now: $85 $99 (15% off with coupon code “15yankodesign”). Hurry, sale ends July 2nd.