This hexagonal indoor planter system helps you choose plants that will flourish in your home’s natural lighting

If you like gardening but live in a city apartment, finding out which plants thrive best changes everything. It could mean finding that exact time during the day when a sliver of sunlight hits your floor, giving your bamboo palms the energy needed to make it to another day. Or, it might mean finding the sweet spot in your kitchen or bathroom where you can water your ivy and let it properly drain. Whatever the case might be, Gromeo is a miniature living wall system, designed by Habitat Horticulture to bring us the ideal plant for our unique living spaces. Whether you live in an apartment with ample sunlight or in an apartment without windows, Gromeo delivers plants that are known to thrive in your specific living space.

I’ve got a fever for plants. It’s safe to say, especially with quarantine, we’ve all caught some of it at this point. But taking care of plants can get expensive and time-consuming. My ivy died by the time I learned how to take care of it. Gromeo was primarily created by the thinkers at Habitat Horticulture in order to make the benefits of home gardening accessible to anyone without the constant work that comes with maintaining the plant’s health. Similar to other home gardening systems, Gromeo integrates a base reservoir filled with one gallon of water and uses Growtex’s water-efficient wicking technology for plants to absorb water through capillary action, keeping them hydrated for up to three weeks. Without any plumbing or electrical work needed, Gromeo allows users to pick a wall system based on their living space’s particular light availability. Through a palette-devised key, users can choose between garden wall systems that need anywhere between minimal to constant sunlight. The low-light wall systems typically include lots of leafy greens like fern and palm leaves and the high-light wall systems offer pods filled with cactus and grass. Constructed entirely from maple wood, recycled and sustainable material, Gromeo caters to the environmentalist in each of us. The hanging wall system waters the plants on a daily basis, all that’s required of its user is refilling the reservoir located in the product’s base every two weeks.

Gromeo comes fully planted with the plants ideal for your living space and outfitted with mounting hardware and drywall anchors for easy application. A lot of self-sustaining home gardens today lose their appeal through wasteful construction and loud tech gimmicks, which result in little knowledge gained for users who are actually concerned with taking care of their plants. Gromeo seems to offer a compromise. From the chic and sustainably-sourced materials that make up the structure to the thoughtful approach taken in regard to the customization of each wall system according to a plant’s needs, Gromeo brings the fruits of gardening to even those of us who might not have known we had it in us to take care of a plant, let alone a whole garden.

Designer: Habitat Horticulture