OneLessDesk Series, Gotta Have ’em All!

Even with my RAVE review of the OneLessDesk by Dean Heckler Designs, many of you expressed dismay with it turning towards extreme minimalism at the expense of utilitarianism. People need their printer stands and filing drawers. Now you can get the whole lot via the OneLessDesk Series. That consists of the OneLessDesk, OneLessStand and OneLessFile. Pre-order now for July shipping and in a myriad of colors. Hey, why not be bold and mix & match?

Designer: Heckler Design [ OneLessDesk ]


  • Anti minimalist says:

    The construction looks very unstable.. Both in X and Y axis it looks very posible to bend the stucture.

    Minimalism is not the key any more. Look at the new shuffle from Apple, it SUCKS just to minimal.

    We have to innovate, move on!

    • Luke says:

      The new Shuffle was reductio ad absurdum.

      One example of overzealous minimalism harming the quality of a product doesn’t mean it’s a bad design philosophy.

  • Connuos says:

    Not really innovative, and very unstable i think.

    Whats the point with the minimalism, aren’t furnishing those products you can design freely without limitation of engineering departments

    • Long Tran says:

      Actually if you’ll read the review, it’s made of high-grade steel laser cut to precision. It has the appearance of flexible aluminum but it’s totally rigid.

      • David says:

        Laser cut to precision 🙂

        I have to agree with the other users, it looks like flexible plastic.
        Although it’s rigid in the real world this is an online presentation, and it looks pretty unstable to me.

    • Carl says:

      think the fact that they have made this will give a clear indication to the tensile strength and rigidity of the item. From the images you can see internal cross braces.

      well done for seeing it through tho to a real product.

  • creative says:

    ..yeah in a world without wires it would look like that.. still interesting concept though

    • Luke says:

      If you’d bother clicking on the link, there are indeed cables plugged into the wall. They’re just organized really, really well.

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