Okinawa by Way of Oslo

What is the pro tip I sometimes teach? Combos. At Yanko we have people from Los Angeles, Minnesota, Australia, Mumbai, Tokyo, and more! So you know we’re all about the globalization combos. This particular table “1 to 4” by Australian born Chicago resident Leon Fitzpatrick makes use of Nordic elements and Japanese design style. Who wouldn’t want to sit at a table with the Japanese low-set proportion and the Nordic material balance? It is just… it’s just globalizationriffic!

This lovely white and woodgrain table takes tips from more than just the Nordic and Asian cultures, it tastes the rainbow with naturetastic tastebuds, as you can see on the board below. It also breaks down into simple pieces for easy transport.

Although it is a little hard to see from these pictures, the center area there converts into a light, promoting centralized conversation amongst the four seats. Lovely, yes?

Designer: Leon Fitzpatrick