Bombay Sapphire Jewel Glass

It’s cold gin time again. And this time, you know it’s for real. William f Boujon has for you exactly what your distinguished hand desires for this exquisite moment. A glass, a cocktail, a fancy jewel. These are the words of Boujon’s Pampille Glass, a conceptual glass made for the discerning eyes of Bombay Sapphire. It’s not yet reached the production phase, and may never reach your lips unless your lips are let loose below. Alcohol posting a plus.

It seems a bit unreasonable until you consider the human. The human stands on two legs. The human cannot stand up vertical without the brain of the human. The same is true of this glass. It can sit down just fine, but without the hand of its master.

Lay it flat, or pick it up, allow the blue glass to carry your hand.

Don’t drink too quickly. Be fabulous.

Designer: William f Boujon