Got Me a Spoon

This isn’t the first time the whole world moved towards “greener” design but hopefully this time it’ll stick. Plastic spoons that come with takeout foods are inefficient and “ungreen” so the challenge was to find the most cost effective remedy while giving Earth one less thing to worry about. Ideally you should carry your own flatware but if you don’t mind a little kitsch, check out the Spoon and Box.

The handle is a perfect spot to hide a precut spoon. Just turn it inside out (the clean side) and you’re ready to eat. It can even turn into a spork for those sporky occasions. Works fine for dry foods but I wouldn’t go dipping into some greasy chili fries or Chinese food with it. So did we really solve any problems here?

Designers: Won-Jae Lee, Jun-Yong Lee, Sang-Jun Hahn, Sun-Kyu Kim & Yeo-Wool Kang


  • Roque says:

    its a very nice way to save in materials, but, if my hands are dirty and I probably want to eat my cake now, that spoon or fork like is useless, any way i like it a lot, saving on production, saving on materials, very nice concept..

  • ummm i just peel back 1/2 the paper wrapper and take a bite of the cupcake, second bite and its all gone but the paper…no tools needed.

  • matt says:

    very nice packaging and thought.

    but first off why a cupcake? no one eats a cupcake with a spoon/fork that I know of. Not to mention, ever think of papercuts in the mouth, eek.

  • Malgwyn says:

    The paper texture is unpleasant to the mouth. Adding a foodgrade wax coating would make it smoother & resistant to grease & moisture.

    Paper has some chemical issues; an unpleasant taste & bleaching agents leave residual chemistry that is possibly toxic, even if only minutely so.
    Ideally this would use recycled paper, but do you want to put it in your mouth? The utensil is very limited in how it can be used. It’s not really a spoon, more of a trowel or shovel. You can’t carry liquid with it. The fork modification can’t skewer food. The consumer is likely to still prefer chopsticks & other utensils, & demand them from the vendor.

    • Lexi says:

      Maigwyn raises a good point. Perhaps another material can be used, or perhaps the material can be processed. If you want to make a fork out of it, you’d have to spend time cutting the little triangular piece out.

  • CurveBean says:

    this is great functional design. nice!

  • paul sandip says:

    u have used up the handle area and made a spork out of it…and made it difficult to carry as well…

    y waste so much time and energy over such stupid ideas?

    u have wasted man-power…which is also accountable while designing a product…and instead of getting any closer to being GREEN…u’ve gone the other way dude! hahahahahahaha

    • Jeremiah says:

      I can understand what your saying, and I’m not trying to stick up for the designers or anything like that… But how about growing the fuck up and leaving some constructive criticism and not be a jerk about it. If you wanna rub it in, make some thing better and think before you post something and make yourself look so childish, because even though it is a flawed design in certain aspects, at least they are trying.

      To the designers, good effort, I was inspired.
      Thank you.

    • Paul: come on now, look at the cup on your site, and heck how green is designing yet another t shirt?

    • y says:

      To Paul.

      I’m disappointed with you..

  • ZIP says:

    Great effort!
    But it’s not needed for cupcakes since no one is the right mind would use spoon for cupcakes. Perhaps using it to contain solid food such as fried rice? think about it ^^

  • jh says:

    What about the third and forth and fifth person who wants to share them…? two sporks aren’t going to be enough…

  • Ryan says:

    Great idea, and great concept but it couldn’t be used for soup or anything either. I think the only way to solve this would be to make it plastic or something resistant to water. Although that would defeat the whole purpose, it would still be pretty cool.

  • Kwan says:

    did you realised the ‘spoons’ can be folded inside before putting the handles together? that way you can have two clean spoons and make it easy to carry?

    Paul, I went to see your website. your design looks great but impractical. I’m sorry but your respect to other designers is appalling.

    At the very least, I’ve used capital P for your name.

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