Hot Tea Magic

For when you’ve got no boiling water sitting around, and no lightsaber on hand, you’ve got the “Hot-T Wand.” Yes! All of life’s greatest solutions ARE wand-based. You betcha! Faster than the ol’ HP can whip up a tea-time heat’em’up spell, you’ve got hot water. It heats only the amount of water you need, and it’s got mega-safety measures, like a water sensor to prevent foolish flailings about and whatnot.

Do you suppose it helps business with those who wish to be modernistic when you’ve got a business called “Minimal Incorporated?” I think so. Tea time. The water sensor is neat, right? It only gets hot when it hits the water. But then what happens when you pull it out? It’s got a perforated heat cover, of course!

There’s little to no chance of electrocution because of the Hot-T’s wireless nature. Then on top of that, it’s got a long life due to its “ultracapacitor energy storage technology.”

Fancy shmancy!

Designer: Minimal Inc



Hot-T Wand by Minimal Inc


  • Barry Kelly says:

    It had better heat up the water to boiling, as in roiling bubbling boiling, because otherwise the tea – presuming black tea – will taste insipid. Also, black tea should be brewed with oxygenated water – water freshly drawn from a kitchen (i.e. high-pressure, straight from mains) tap is good. Water that has been reheated or reboiled will not taste as good.

    • freshy says:

      well. the whole point of this concept is when you have no heating agents, no boiling water at all.
      so in this case I doubt we should be so picky

  • Carl says:

    agreed there is a reason water is boiled on a rolling boil, it kills lots of the nasties that can cause stomach upsets. if you are just heating water till its hot, this is not going to kill off anything nasty. boiling water in a single cup isnt a good idea, ergo this isnt a good idea.

  • Pietro says:

    Where can I buy it?

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