Clutter-Free Lappie Haven

For centuries my pal LT has been advocating minimalist style for computer tables and I second his choice; Happy Birthday LT, here’s the Mother of ALL minimalist Tables: Bluelounge’s StudioDesk. Why? Coz it has some really spectacular features, lemme elucidate: ALL the peripherals and excess cables get tucked neatly under the sliding desktop surface. This storage compartment can be easily accessed from the top. The long slot across the desktop allows the necessary peripheral & power cables to enter/exit at any point; Clutter-free lappie tables!

In the storage compartment you can stow: Power strips, AC adapters, USB hubs, external hard drives, routers, chargers, and even a MacMini server and more n more cables! This means only a single cable exits the desk to the power socket. There’s a faux leather mat covering the sliding portion of the desktop and guess what; it’s included!

For convenience, the desk comes in a comfy knock down condition and can be easily assembled.
What I really dig is the solid mahogany legs, and soothing White laminate surface.

Designer: Bluelounge [ Buy It Here ]