Clock designs that challenge the traditional time-displaying methods

Wall Clocks, all of us seem to have them but have we thought beyond the regular hour and minute watch hands? Well, these designers have! And boy they have made some innovative versions of this everyday essential. From the coveted steam-punk inspired Nixie Tube clock, a clock that helps you breathe while spending time to a clock that uses no hands but instead uses a levitating ball to track the passage the time, these innovative clocks have something unique that will surely become a conversation starter in your home!

The Reverse Clock by Mattis Boets

The Equinox clock by Animaro Design 

The ZIN 18 Clock is a six-tube clock that features Millclock Company’s ZIN18 nixie tubes

Rhei Clock, an electro-mechanical clock with a liquid display by Damjan Stanković 

The Frame Clock by Meyer Objects 

Smart Alarm Clock Design that you tilt back to deactivate the alarm by Hojung Cha

The Dusk Clock by Lu Yicong 

STORY is the world’s first levitating timepiece by Flyte 

Glance Smart Clock by Glance Tech  

Freakish Wall Clock by Sabrina Fossi 

Sparrow Round Clock by Haoshi Design