Non-plastic Plastic Pot

Packit Potz is an attempt to do away with the plastic pots that most green-thumbed folks resort to these days. This flat pack version is more sustainable and is designed boost the growth of the plants through natural means. After its done living like a pot, it doubles up a micro greenhouse and an insect and slug repellent, which hopefully will increase the yield of crops or lifespan of plants. It’s made from Low Opacity Polypropylene and apparently production and transportation costs are minimal.

Quick facts from the designer:

– A distinctive range of flat pack plant pots.
– Easy to store and considerably less space is required for transportation.
– Durable and safe Polypropylene material that can in no way contaminate the contents.
– No glues or harmful chemicals required.
– Simple processes for manufacture and easily scaled to match plant sizes.
– Encouraged for use as a micro greenhouse and active slug guard, when plants are grounded.
– Easy to wipe clean for re-use.
– Made from recyclable materials
– Can also be used indoors thanks to the potz simple clean aesthetics.
– Visible roots so it is easier to tell when the plant needs to be transferred from potz to garden.

Designer: Anton Webb


  • AnnaZed says:

    The reason that plant pots are not transparent is that plant roots do not like to be exposed to light. That’s why they grow … you know … underground.

    These look very cute and would be fine for temporarily holding seedlings and very small plants, maybe.

    Water will leak along the vertical closure edge, making watering both a chore and not likely to leave the soil “evenly moist” as most plants need.

    Above a certain size (bigger than say 4″ tall) the sides will buckle and bow out. It wouldn’t look like the picture for long.

  • J Dizzle says:

    I think this is a great idea. It would probably be nicer if it were totally sealed and just folded flat for shipping.

    My mom used to grow seedlings in clear glass jars full of water on the window sill. The roots were totally exposed to light and they did just fine.

  • WE88 says:

    I have been using three prototypes for 6 moths now, and i was initially concerned about the leakage, however they don’t leak water out of the sides. As for the roots, they were initially designed around the basis of replacing the temporary plastic pots you receive in garden centres. However I’m still only 6 months down the line of testing.

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