Baby Carrier That Provides Privacy And Support

When Rachel nursed baby Emma on national television, I cringed! Personally, I feel nursing your baby is the most private thing to be done; you don’t need spectators! Some experts believe that feed times are the ultimate bonding sessions, considering post-natal blues etc. More often than not, ladies who only breast-feed and don’t believe in using the bottle, always face a problem in public places. The Comfy Care Carrier is the fine line that not only doubles up as a carrier but also features the subtle motive of offering privacy during feed times.

Strap up your munchkin and carry him around with the perfect posture! A mobile, cushy bassinet is what I’d like to call it. The shoulder straps of the carrier are easy to don and can be worn over or underneath a jacket. The carrier-part clips on to the straps hence can be removed if you’re in the mood to cuddle your baby! During the feed times, all you need to do is push up the cover of the carrier to a hood kinda position, for privacy.

Designer: Thorunn Hannesdottir