Pour Me a Glass of Coin

This is the Teapot Coin Bank, and it’s definitely not the LEAST strange bank I’ve seen all day. Heck, it’s not the least strange bank I’ve seen the entire course of my life. I’ve seen more normal banks to be sure. But I have not seen a more excellent bank today. This bank allows you to insert coins through its top, then when you need a few back, just pour them out through the spout. The spout is big enough to let you have just a few at a time (just enough for some ice cream.)

This lovely bank is made out of ceramic, and the concept basically couldn’t be simpler, even if the bank was shaped like a piggy. In fact, I think this concept IS simpler than a piggy bank. Come to think of it, piggy banks are really strange – much stranger than this teapot, both are equally as cute.

Dimensions: 6.3″ L x 4.7″ W x 4.3″ H

Designer: Yi Weishen of MEGAWING [Buy It Here Teapot Coin Bank is available for $32 @ YD Store]

Teapot Coin Bank is available for $32 @ YD Store