Addictive Measure

I’m an instant coffee freak for the simple reason that I don’t have the patience to actually roast and brew my cup. But given a moment of insanity, I’d like to be doing the shindig on this fancy Coffee Maker by Tom Metcalfe. The guy makes it almost a ceremonial process of roasting, grinding and brewing of fresh green beans!

Apparently the beans can be roasted to any degree of roast, just to suit your taste. Next the hand-ground beans are brewed in a glass container, which prevents calcification. Enhancing the aromatic qualities and enriching the flavors, folks it’s time to wake up and smell/taste some COFFEE!

Words from the designer:


Take 50 green beans.  Roast for 7 minutes for a medium roast, 9 minutes for a dark roast.  Cool beans.  Whilst grinding the cooled beans heat the water until air bubbles begin to pop.  Place ground beans into water.  Stir and brew for 4 minutes.  Then pour and enjoy a cup of fresh perfect coffee.


To achieve genuine sustainability, products must not be temporary or transient.  “My philosophy is to create beautiful pieces of elegant simplicity – which not only have longevity but true lasting value to the user.  My Coffee Maker is designed with this in mind.  It’s a multi-sensory product that is finished in appropriate materials that should endure whilst being enjoyable to use.”

Designer: Tom Metcalfe

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