Makkina – Espresso Machine by Soren Henssler

The concept behind the Makkina departs from the traditional shape of the espresso machine, which is generally box-like and compact-looking due to the arrangement of the individual components. The Makkina was designed especially with office use in mind, focusing on easy operation and cleaning. The design intentionally separates the individual component groups (grinder, water tank), thereby conveying a sense of openness to the beholder. The simple design invokes intuitive operation. Coffee beans and water, the basic constituents for making coffee, are visible and explicit elements of the design. Along with the plain colour concept of the espresso machine, they generate an overall impression of elegance and quality.

Designer: Soren Henssler


  • rvtifer says:

    This is one of the rare designs which makes you wonder why it was not implemented before. Fantastic in its elegance and simplicity and can be done with current technology.

  • Nick says:

    The split design (instead of having two spouts mounted frontally) is great.
    Many espresso machines must use tiny shot glasses or miniature cups
    because of this clearance issue.

    The concern is that you would need a more elaborate pump system to
    distribute the water, or multiple heating elements (one for each side)

    Also, the lack of a steamer for milk limits the drinks you can make, but
    if only intended for shots of espresso, that’s fine.

    The water and beans displayed is great, it’s very simple and very

    • AM says:

      The “tiny shot glasses”, i.e. demitasse glasses, are not only used for clearance issues, but because generally when one makes espresso, one makes two shots at a time, and also this glass size is just the basic serving size of espresso. Honestly, I see what this idea is getting at but I think it could stand to implement more of the “traditional espresso machine” features. Also the complicated pump system needed for this machine would most likely impact the high water pressure needed to make a great espresso shot.

  • Erin says:

    Yeah, I am not impressed. whoever designed this obviously knows little about espresso machines or has their head in the clouds

  • webby says:

    That's all you could say? Thought so.

  • webby says:

    That's all you could say? Thought so.

  • ssimple and clean, I really like this

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