Put Your Insulin on My Hip

When I clip you clip we clip. The “Tolea” is an insulin pump for those folks with Type-1 diabetes. “Utilizing a flexible elastomer embedded with artificial setae, the nano-scale growths found on gecko’s feet which allow them to stick to virtually any surface.” What does that mean? It’s a little sticky-bump that sits on your side that you insert disposable insulin cartridges into to deliver the insulin into your body constantly and without pain. Ease? With diabetes?

The small device attaches to your skin like a gecko, and with microneedle arrays that are “too small to interfere with the pain receptors underneath the skin” delivers insulin with simplicity.

With this set comes a wireless capacitive touch-screen controller that basically makes the whole process easier. This controller monitors the attached Tolea bit and provides constant updates on its workings.

Designer: Joe Brussel


  • Syb says:

    verry nice and interesting

    A good option could be an intergration of the controls in the current mobile touchscreen phones.

  • Great help for the people with type 1 diabetes,and it looks good!where can the item be found-buy?
    STAY on the great ideas train .

  • Brennan says:

    Syb’s idea sounds better. People would rather have an app for their iphone than carry around an entirely extra screen device.

    From a business standpoint, that’s better too. You don’t have to manufacture and develop an entirely new product when you can merely write a little program.

  • fran says:

    ql é o valor no brasil?
    onde encontro?

  • clarisse says:

    omg!!!is fabilous!!!!where can the item be found-buy in brasil?

  • Xlaits says:

    They already have this. Look up the Omni-Pod from Insulet Corp.

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