Water by Numbers

So you need a glass of water to drink. Yes? Would you like to know how much H2O you’re WASTING when you take that cold refreshment from the vein of the earth itself? Well now you can! You can know basically exactly how much water goes through your pipe before your bill-person does! The “Bware-Water” is cute, has a little number display, and is so easy to instal, a child could do it.

This little thang is made of recycled ABS. Check out the setup below, and admire the simplicity of it all. Log your results, and always call a plummer before turning any knobs or cranks you’re not sure about.

P.S. for those that wrote letters and asked: drinking water is not a waste. In fact, it’s a genuine legitimate usage approved by several renowned institutions and doctors.

Designers: Ariel Drach & Alex Sudak of Studio A2