Water by Numbers

So you need a glass of water to drink. Yes? Would you like to know how much H2O you’re WASTING when you take that cold refreshment from the vein of the earth itself? Well now you can! You can know basically exactly how much water goes through your pipe before your bill-person does! The “Bware-Water” is cute, has a little number display, and is so easy to instal, a child could do it.

This little thang is made of recycled ABS. Check out the setup below, and admire the simplicity of it all. Log your results, and always call a plummer before turning any knobs or cranks you’re not sure about.

P.S. for those that wrote letters and asked: drinking water is not a waste. In fact, it’s a genuine legitimate usage approved by several renowned institutions and doctors.

Designers: Ariel Drach & Alex Sudak of Studio A2


  • Todd says:

    Is there a counter for the amount of water evaporated and recirculated each day by the sun, the world’s oceans and atmosphere? Last time I checked, water does not go flying out into space. Excuse for my ignorance, but products born out of manufactured guilt will only work on the guilty.

  • PK says:

    If you really want to see how much water you’re using (and not just from a single faucet), check the meter at your main. That’s why my utility company does every month to bill me.

    I could see it as a useful tool to teach kids/teenagers the importance of water/money conservation, for things such as taking long showers, etc.

  • Jeff King says:

    I realize they had to put some effort into this, but they should of first asked the question: what purpose does it serve? Followed up by is there a need for it. Considering all establishments already have a WATER METER. Unless you put one of these ” Bware s’ “on everything that uses water, which means you would have to buy many & then total the count of each meter, but wait wouldn’t that do what your water meter already does?!?! -How would this work on a toilet?-exactly! -So really this is a ill conceived idea in whole, but don’t take my word for it see if these are selling. I’m confident without any research what so ever that people are not looking for Extra water meters. Ever heard of not trying to re-invent the wheel, well that definitely applies in this case. -gifted inventors-I’ve seen some of their other work, but no truthful analysis of the utility for the end user. As in, how does this help someone? A fundamental error on serving any practical use.

  • David says:

    Does anyone know if this device is available to buy or something similar. It is an excellent device. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

  • uri says:

    hi “Bware”,
    I’m interest in your Bware water meter. I’m living in israel, where can I get it ?
    Thanks alot,

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