Portion Control is the Key to Healthy Eating

One can just look at the palm of their hand to calculate how much they should eat, but if you’re like me and tend to fill up a plate, then you need something more deliberate. The Plus Minus system is dinnerware with the skinny-you in mind. On one side you have shallow recesses to control food portions. Feeling portly? Flip it over and you’ve got a giant sinkhole for all your binge needs. Stack them up and there’s a gestural play on skinny vs. fat. Hmmm… DO WANT!

Designer: Soo Kwon


  • ZGiSH says:

    I have no true technical insight on this but I think this has a good solution to a well known problem. People these days take pills and magic snake oil solutions to lose weight but in fact all they need to do is eat less. Therefore instead of cutting down food by the pounds, slight changes will slowly help people to eat less and be healthy.

  • Carl says:

    Karim Rashid has done a stacking bowl design like this. there is not that much in it tho from the + to the –

    • Doris says:

      Would you please show us the website linkage about Karim Rashid’s Design? Thank you so much.

  • jason pi says:

    sweet soo!!!

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