Drawing in 3D

The Wacomvision is a three dimensional canvas for creating and viewing art, products, and models. Three dimensional paintings can be created and shared online. Brush size, pressure sensitivity, and brush type are customizable. Snapshots and videos can be taken of your artwork. Not going to make it to the Louvre? You can use this product to download and view preserved art up close and from all angles.

In a business applications, imagine being able to walk around a concept car or viewing a model without a rapid prototyping lab, model making time, or money. Three dimensional models can be sent between clients to review work. Notes and requests can be marked and saved on certain areas of the models using the pen tool. You can also virtually render, paint, record, and capture views.

This product uses a state of the art virtual tracking system called IGPS Technology. This modular product has three transmitters that are wireless and placed around the edges of your 3D canvas. After the transmitters are automatically calibrated for each use, they use invisible infrared laser signals that create a three dimensional environment. The pen is imbedded with a sensor in the tip that streams its exact 3D position using the signals from the transmitters. The information is relayed back to the console and wirelessly transmitted for viewing through the virtual glasses.

A USB connection to the console allows for viewing of outside virtual models to be used as underlays. You can choose to view your artwork with or without the actual physical background. Multiple people can be linked to the same projection so you can work as part of a team. In order to bring up the interface, the button on the pen is pushed. The interface menu can be dragged and docked all around your environment. The button on the top right hand edge of the glasses can be pushed to allow for picture and videos to be taken.

Designer: Lauren Argo