Sexy Piece: Part II

Concepts and Apple don’t go hand in hand, however that hasn’t deterred designers from conjuring up iterations to challenge the stalwart. The latest challenge is aimed at disturbing the iPhone mania on three simple grounds; an appealing façade, discreet buttons and ample screen. The “Sony Black Tribute” that we see here, woos you with its ultra-wide screen and hot looks. Finished in aluminum with a satin touch; this phone scores well in the looks department. Unfortunately there are no tech-specs (apart from 3.2 mp cam) that we can boast about.

With challenging concept designs like the Intel MID (heavy-duty tech specs) and this Sony Black Tribute (gorgeous looks) popping up every now and then, there is every bit chance that we see Apple hitting us square in the face this summer, with a bombastic piece that is a mish-mash of such designs!

Designer: Jaren Goh


  • Luke says:

    Man, this just screams “1980s!”

  • FLX says:

    Why in the world are you talking about Apple all the time in this article..? Its very clear from the design that this is intended as a realistic take on a possible Sony product. Stop the fanatic fanboyism, please!

  • John Q says:

    love the design, but isn’t it a little on the chunky side depth-wise? Also, I’m not sure if this is what the designer intended to show, but from the pictures, I understood there to be a split screen interface where you can be doing two different things at once, which I think is an incredible idea,just imagine all the possibilities!

  • Frag Mill says:

    Finally, a design that differs from Apple. Like the way it looks. It might look like a B&O phone as well. Agree that the sides seems thick but looking at the mini usb there, it seems like it could be quite thin.

  • Starz says:

    It like a Sony lcd TV

  • Oh... says:

    Now, this is a phone i’d buy without even thinking.. Looks like it could be interesting.

  • imran khan says:

    let me know the model number of this set please as soon as possible

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