Navi on your wrist!

NaviMi is a modern compass concept designed specifically for those of who have trouble getting our bearings. The design incorporates a digital compass that goes beyond displaying direction. Just set it at the point of origin and be on your way. The compass will constantly update the distance and direction of where you left off. It’s perfect for hiking, exploring new cities, or simply finding your car in a lot.

Designer: mangodesign


  • Quintin Smits says:

    The idea is interesting, but there are already watches with a function like this integrated (amidst an array of other functions). I do not see the use/market for a separate device for just this one function…

    I usually mark the location of my car in my phone when I’m going for a walk in an unfamiliar place. I just turn it on when I want to start moving back and don’t know which way to go or when I’m actually lost (only used it once).

  • Now blend with a watch, even better

  • Better off, nowadays, it needs barometer, weather forecast , watch, mp3 player and a heart rate display … Otherwise it’s a bit of a wrist waste. Especially if it’s promoted as a potential outdoor /hiking device. Oh yeah, please tell me it’s rainproof at least!

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