A Washing Machine with an Elevated Design


Washing machines aren’t necessarily designed to be featured in the room, and their aesthetics are far from being their primary functions. However, due to the nature of them they are now commonplace in kitchens, and their large dimensions and bulky designs are difficult to conceal within the room.

The designers at Kurz Kurz Design decided that rather than attempting to hide the appliance, they would instead do the exact opposite and allow it to make more of a statement; it’s not often that you see wall-mounted washing machines in a domestic setting, so straight away it has something that will grab your attention! By being wall mounted it means that the appliance doesn’t require its own dedicated floor space, making it perfect for homes with limited space. On top of this the elevated height makes for an easier loading/unloading process due to eliminating the need to reach down.

Designer: Kurz Kurz Design