Safe Drinking Water Even In Floods

The most certain thing in life is death; however we can never come to terms with this fact especially when lives are lost due to the forces of elements. Unpredictable yet certain, natural disasters like flood, hurricanes and tsunamis occur across the globe periodically and besides the loss due to destruction and devastation, the toll keeps rising due to non-availability of pure, clean drinking water. Rescue Bottle is the need of the hour as it is designed to be used under one such condition: Floods.

This emergency flood-rescue drinking water contraption relies on reverse osmosis for filtration. Essentially the bottle is made up of a reverse osmosis membrane, a concentrated solution refill, a 500 ml capacity empty liquid container and a mouthpiece.

This is how the system works:

“The reverse osmosis membrane filters brackish water into pure water using the driving force of highly concentrated dioralyte solution. The concentrated solution refill is filled in with a highly concentrated solution of dioralyte mixed with basic nutrients that is enough to get 15 times of 500ml of mixed drink. The empty container is filled in with the mixture of pure water and dioralyte and used with a mouthpiece that enables multi-user usage in relief camps and other community areas. Rescue bottles can be used in flood relief camps, or given away to communities with multiple mouthpieces with a cost of between $20–50. They can also be stationed in the floodwater in areas where complete disaster management services cannot reach.”

To sum it up, the end-product water is basically a mixture of filtered pure water and dioralyte mixed with essential nutrients. This enriched solution is ideal for flood-hit citizens in order to recover their lost of body fluids and treat diarrhea.

Designer: Ceren Bagatar