Same shoe, new comfort

Did you know that there are ten different parts of your body that can be affected by wearing the wrong or right shoe? That’s right. Shoes are much more than wearable fashion. Your entire posture is affected by them, and they should be given much more consideration than from a strictly fashion perspective.

We get back to yesterday’s hot topic of 3D printing with the Wiivv custom fit 3D insole that’s ergonomically calibrated to give you incredible footwear comfort. The insole can be placed in any shoe , allowing you to retain your footwear collection, but eliminate any sort of shoe-discomfort. Each insole is printed using your foot as a reference. Engineers and medical experts come together to build an insole that’s perfect for your foot and your foot alone!

Wiivv works using an app that allows you to capture anthropometric data of your foot right at home. Just a few minutes of scanning and you can add your custom made Wiivv insole to cart and have it delivered to your doorstep! Go ahead, download the app, use those hands and save your feet!

Designers: Shamil Hargovan & Louis-Victor Jadavji

Buy It Here: $54 $69