Put A Brake In Your Shower

There has been no dearth in designs that harp about water conservation, and adding to the list is the Shower Brake. This one suggests that we kinda allot ourselves a quota, and use that bit only. The water controller sucks in a designated amount of water (when pushed up) that is ideally sufficient for a shower. As the quota depletes, the visual stats of the controller descends at a constant rate, letting you know how much water you used over number of minutes. The time of the shower is directly proportional to the amount of water used.

So basically, you use the various knobs to control the amount of water you use, at a desired pressure and temperature. The sand-clock vibe that it exudes is meant to awaken your eco-water-conservation-consciousness. In short, if you go to crank up the controller again, you should feel guilty of splurging water.

Designers: Sang-in Lee & Dae hyun Kim

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1-96YVeJ7g 605 445]

Shower Brake – Conserving Shower Water System by Sang-in Lee & Dae hyun Kim