Drowning Man Requires Hip Rescue Gear

If the Scorpion and Sting Ray team is not your style of rescue mission while drowning, then maybe you’d like to look at a much hipper option: the Swim Guard Vest! Formfitting and held into place with a neoprene-belt with a compressed lifting body mechanism, the gear is a Hot looking jacket that you flaunt. When you think you’re drowning and can’t handle the choppy waters, simply trigger the inflatable mechanism fed via the enclosed gas cartridge.

A GPS signal is simultaneously beamed to the nearest rescue center, so that you can be rescued asap.

Jokes aside, first of all if the waters are choppy or look dangerous avoid getting into it. For a safety option using a minimalistic jacket like this could be good, coz it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Designer: Steffen Reiter