Value of Hot Food

The Vacuum Lunchbox is a neat hotbox concept that hopes to keep your food fresh and piping hot. The idea is to have the box airtight and that no heat escapes. I love the design style the idea of carrying this to my next picnic at Central Park.

Designer: Gu A Reum


  • asdf says:

    Actually the main idea of this concept is not about the prevention of heat escape. By making the lunch box completely vacuum means keeping the foods fresh for a longer period of time.

    Areum-Gu was my fellow classmate so I know this project quite well.

  • Osama Omar says:

    i am trying to contact Areum-Gu but unfortunately i didn’t find any contact details for him or her any where.
    i can see that asdf already knows Areum-Gu.
    would you please some body connect me to him.
    [email protected]

  • Osama Omar says:

    asdf… please put me in contact with Areum-Gu.

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