The Beat Kicks Butt!

Check out Beat, the ultimate, all-in-one running accessory! This gesture controlled device will play your music, monitor your heart rate, count your strides, and even call you fat when you’re about to give up (I kid! But hey… it might as well.). Beat uses an innovative gesture interface that seamlessly integrates into the running experience. No more sweaty fingers or touch displays. Flick your hand right/left to switch songs, twist it to pump up the volume, or play your power song by punching forward! Do want!

Designer: Adrien Guenette

Beat from Adrien on Vimeo.


  • Mike Barnard says:

    Typical use case
    – stumble causing hands to flail
    – swear as music cuts off or ships to soft rock
    – wave hand hoping to get back to great track
    – rip Beat from arm and throw into next garbage can

    Rich gesture based interfaces for personal devices. The next wave of landfill.


  • marcia says:

    This is a great idea. Where can you get one?

  • Luke watts says:

    Great and creative idea too

  • Johnny says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I move my hands/arms when I run. Quite a bit, actually. Why do so many designs on this site make it apparent the designer doesn’t actually participate in whatever activity his/her design seeks to target?

  • elleryxo says:

    Could repeat each gesture twice in quick succession, with high acceleration motions, to define intended movement.
    Would require some very clever software.

  • Giovanni says:

    you can not move your hands when you’re running!!!!

  • ruserious says:

    play, check stats
    play, check stats
    play, check stats
    play, check stats
    play, check stats
    play, check stats
    play, check stats
    play, check stats
    play, check stats
    play, check stats
    play, check stats
    play check play check play check play check

  • Mitchell says:

    Ok, did no one else notice the ring that you ALSO wear… not just the watch. It is the motion you gesture while holding the button that matters, anytime you’re using the device…

  • Roxanne T says:

    Exactly Michelle. Nice to see that some folks actually read:

    “There is a trigger button that makes sure it only works when you want it to and by connecting it to a heart rate monitor and stride sensor it also records your pace, time, distance and heart rate as you work out and rock out.”

  • Xiang says:

    adidas micoach should have a look at this interesting finger control device~

  • Mike Barnard says:

    Cool. Is that in the video or something? It isn’t in the text, most of the photos (look at the images of gestures) or in the links I could find. Where is it?


  • You can read more about Beat here:

  • Kenji says:

    I don’t know, maybe if you or mike up at the top of this forum took time to read HOW the gestures are activated. you might understand how that issue is solved.

  • Rio says:

    U R a F.. genius, haha

  • atieh says:

    pls say me how much is it?

  • Play Music says:

    This music player/watch is a bit intriguing, don’t you think. If you are jogging and made a sudden move, the player then would execute actions that you don’t really want too. But nonetheless, it’s a great idea.

  • Lauren says:

    Last time i checked my arms move up and down when I run. think they may want to rethink some of the gestures. very convenient though much better then trying to find the adjustment on your headphone cord.

  • Malaki Headley says:

    Some people need to read. I mean it says that you have to press the button and then do the gestures. If you don’t press the buttons, your arm movement isn’t mistaken for a gesture.

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