Cooking Is All About The Flavors

Sous-vide is a method of cooking that retains the strong flavors of the ingredients by heating them for an extended period of time at relatively low temperatures. The flip side is that it needs to be performed under carefully controlled conditions to avoid botulism poisoning. Here is a look at a sophisticated iteration of this cooker that promises to maintain the intense flavors and cook some very tender meat.

Those weary of the clean-up process of this home-version need not bother coz the mess is contained in the plastic bags and since all the parts that touch food (except stainless steel probe) are disposable, hygienic conditions are maintained. The design of the cooker features expanding reservoirs and the multiple disposable marinade pods allow for flavor experimentation and customization.

This is how Ben has explained the cooking process:

1. Prep food
2. Vacuum Seal the meat
3. Attach probe and insert marinade, the probe tracks the temperature of the meat during cooking and makes adjustments to the temperature of the water.
4. Configure each thermal probe by selecting the meat thickness and type and the cooker sets the time for the user based on their inputs.
5. The food cooks for about 24 hours
6. When the food is done cooking the user then freezes the meat and thaws the meat when the user is ready to eat the food.

Designer: Benjamin Greene


  • Bep says:

    looks good.
    thank good for a project that actually in the slides explains how it works and why it works!!
    the aesthetics are a bit meehh.

    overall a real good job.

  • nice job, you need a “beauty” shot though.

  • Spoon says:

    Good ol Ben Greene. Thorough as they come. Still loving your work man. I second that “beauty shot” request. Im sure you got it in the arsenal some where. Keep throwing up the heat!

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