Not Just 3D Goggles

Do these look familiar to you? These goggles? These… 3D goggles? To my, they look like the “Awesome” 3D Environment games they used to have at the state fair. It was sooo 3D! Almost like real life! These are not a game. They are heavy, so do not touch them. This is REAL real life. These are a medical instrument for elderly people. The “ForeSeeHome” by designer Eitan Shariff of I2D: not to be having fun with.

Believe what you see. This instrument is for older folks who want to home- and self-monitor their Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) condition. According to Eitan, “The fundamental challenge was to design an intuitive “plug and use” experience for a sophisticated medical device.”

Here it is: I gotta come clean.

It’s not a 3D gaming device.

I’m sorry I tricked you!

The ForeSeeHome is made for scanning your eyes. It’s just like those machines you might have seen in the eye doctor office. The machine “runs a visual field test where visual stimuli are presented to the user and based on his or her responses the system analyzes the results and diagnoses the clinical condition.”

Complicated stuff!

But eyes are very important – keep a nose on them!

Designer: Eitan Shariff of I2D