3ERP’s low-cost, high-fidelity rapid prototyping services help your concepts come to life

With companies like BMW, Lamborghini, and Volkswagen on its client roster, the guys at 3E Rapid Prototyping know quite a bit about delivering absolutely immaculate prototypes. Helping both designers and non-designer clients on their journey from concept to reality, 3ERP’s range of services span everything from 3D printing to CNC machining, vacuum casting for silicone, tooling and injection molding, metal casting, plastic and metal extrusion, and even surface treatment processes like chrome-plating, anodizing, high-gloss polishing and powder-coating. With its on-board expert designers and engineers to help realize products and concepts, 3ERP’s prototyping abilities span across the automotive industry, medical industry, consumer goods industry, robotics and automation, and even the aerospace industry.

As a designer-by-graduation myself, I often find myself relying on renders because it isn’t particularly economical to own a workshop or even a 3D printer with my nomadic lifestyle. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one too. 3ERP’s services aren’t just for high-end clients who want to prototype fuselages for their aircrafts, but also for us small-time designers, freelancers, and artists who want to be able to realize our work in 3D, either for our own prototyping, or for a client who demands quality. The guys at 3ERP help countless designers and design teams by helping them not only rapidly prototype products, but even optimize them for better performance. 3ERP’s designers can offer tips on how to cut costs on CNC machining parts, or what to keep in mind while designing for injection molding. They offer free quotations for all the projects they take up, allowing clients to evaluate the cost of prototyping a product, and even help them along the process to create a prototype that matches expectations. In fact, we’ve sent over a concept of our own too. If you remember the Xbox Cloud Controller concept we featured nearly 2 months ago, we’ve just sent our files to the guys at 3ERP to rapid prototype the concept to scale. More on that when we receive our sample!

3ERP’s services help you prototype without setting up a workshop, or renting a timeshare at a maker lab, or even shelling out big bucks to buy a 3D printer. Designed for all sorts of work, be it precise functionality, low-tolerance parts, or modeling and prototyping A-level surfaces for verification or sharing with a client, or even printing a figurine or model for your own self, 3ERP’s wide range of prototyping services will help you bring those renders to reality!

3ERP’s services include: CNC Machining, Vacuum Casting, Rapid Tooling, Metal Casting, 3D printing, Sheet metal prototyping and Aluminum extrusion.

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3ERP provides valuable nonstop engineering support.

Multi-axis turn/mill machining.

Capable of multi-sided tight tolerance machining. Their engineering department helps ensure your complex parts will turn out successfully the first time.

3D printed prototypes.

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