Are You Up For Some Molecular Cooking?

I know that Molecular gastronomy is a scientific discipline involving the study of physical and chemical processes that occur in cooking, but this is the first time I’m coming across a device that actually allows you to do some Molecular Cooking! Consisting of a whip syphon, vaporizer and blow torch the “Moleculars” is something that would make an adventurous cook pretty happy in the kitchen. Experimentation would be the name of the game.

Designer: Sandro Frank

If you’re not up to the Blowtorch style, then maybe its safer that you stick to the un-conventional cooktops that we recently featured at YD. Random concepts that are evergreen!

Electrolux Personal Mini Kitchen by Kai Yu

Lotus Cooking Plates by David Barry & Laurence Finnegan

Cooka by Maurizio Maiorana


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