Smart Stretcher

Lenify is a collapsible emergency stretcher that all but eliminates the chances of secondary injuries caused by lifting patients onto the stretcher. The solution: divide the stretcher into three parts to stabilize the upper body, arms/midsection, and lower body. This unique construction makes it possible to “scoop” the individual into the stretcher rather than the traditional “lift and drop” method.

Designer: Danny Lin


  • The stretcher looks amazing. Very well thought out. Ergonomics might cause issues with wider or heavier people but if this could be transferred to a gurney and lock in safely it would be extremely helpful.

  • Kwok says:

    It’s a great concept although I see some design faults which may cause pain to the user and the members helping. I guess pinching would be one factor and how the board is assemble onto the user, if they had a spinal injury the 4 moving parts would create too much movement.

  • pete says:

    Spinal and “scoop” stretchers already exist in abundance, my concerns with yours is that it will be larger and more difficult to store in emergency vehicles than current types. Also how would you adjust it for the height of the patient? Can you strap the patient down if you need to travel up/down stairs or inclines?

  • M.K. says:

    From the perspective of the funeral service industry, this stretcher could be helpful for the medium or smaller sized people, a larger model would be helpful for larger people. A single pair of wheels that are along the center line and extending 3 feet down would help with stairs.

  • O.H. says:

    Is this “scoop” CT compatible?

  • armin says:

    i neeed one this
    is it production yet????
    i want buy it

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