That Yellow Bike Survived a Train Hit

Maybe. You never know. It’s called the “24/7 City Pedelec” and it’s hard as Wolverine. It’s components are made for daily heavy use and “permanently changing users.” Customized for long life, low maintenance, and usability. What’s that mean, really? I can use it good. Real good. Anyway, it’s compact frame structure guards against vandalism (not paint, but bashing,) and wearing out from stuff like nature. No dangly bits stick out. Yellow much?

The insides are all new. Technology, and stuff. Check it out: chains, shifting gears, and breaks are replaced with these crazy components: cardan drive, centrifugal gear unit, and hydraulic breaks.

And oh wow, check it out also: modular. The modular frame structure allows for upgrades. Start with the basic model, upgrade to better parts one-by-one. You’ll be hanging out with those fixed-gear clown-shoes in no time!

Designer: Philipp Guenther


  • Wybie says:

    this looks great, but heavy.. and im concerned about the frame getting all scratched up over time… other than that, great upgrade of the bicycle

  • Cromagnum says:

    Where is the motor?

    What self respecting bicycle doesn’t have one?

  • Henrique Staino says:

    Cardan? Have my doubtsd about that!

  • Luke says:

    So, basically, this is a shaft-driven bicycle? Why not push it as the first mass-market hydraulic bicycle? Both are potentially very durable, but a hydraulic drive is potentially more efficient than a shaft.

    Besides, it’s not like he has any technical drawings that I’m aware of. I mean, the form is very appealing to be sure, but the concept is half-baked.

  • hans meiser says:

    weight should be no problem for pedelecs. i would suggest magnesium thixomoulding for a lighter (but solid) frame structure anyways. and a kevlar belt drive.. but who knows, maybe there´s just a chain drive inside!

  • tomek says:

    love the clean and functional design. especially the basket. never seen a step-through frame like that!! most designers spend their time on top tube styling

  • tomek says:

    love the clean and functional design! especially the basket. never seen a step-through frame like that!! most designers spend their time on top tube styling..

  • Paul from S.F. says:

    Note: “hydraulic breaks” should be “hydraulic brakes.” Once an editor, always an editor…

  • Meraj Husain says:

    Good Taste of Design.

  • Martin says:

    I like it.
    ebike need better style – this is valuable proposal


    I really really realy like bycycle

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