Playplax toys inspired this sneeze-guard design to add color to social distancing!

Inspired by the 1970’s children’s toy Playplax, Australian designer and architect Zahava Elenberg designed Clikclax so that social distancing at work can be less dreadful, more playful! Elenberg is an award-winning architect with her own furniture and fit-out company Move-in which puts this project directly in the area of her expertise. Clikclax is a modular solution to help maintain social distancing policies in workplaces while being cost-effective.

Born out of necessity and changing times; Clikclax was initially created to aid returning to offices post the pandemic. While working on the prototype for her own office, Elenberg realized that the system’s broad functionality and adaptability could be beneficial in multiple settings. It comes as a fully customizable social distancing kit that can be installed on desks, countertops, and workspaces of different sizes with ease. It has been made light enough to be transportable and each kit consists of a series of 10 interlocking Perspex sheets of varying shapes and sizes, plus six bases that can all be combined. While the focus is its flexibility, durability, and design — Clikclax is fun and can be molded to any company’s or individual’s personality and preferences.

Made in Australia from Perspex – a solid material just like plexiglass, it comes in bright colors inspired by the Australian bush. It reimagines the unimaginative sneeze-guards to be more colorful as if they were toys as they become a part of our daily lives. “Not only has Clikclax been designed to enhance the look of a space, but it’s also super fun to put together and infinitely customizable, with a life of its own — much like the game that inspired it.” She adds: “Clikclax isn’t just for offices, it’s for any communal space; anywhere people want to come together but need to keep safely apart. It’s fun and functional and flexible.” Elenberg envisions people “clikclaxing” all over the world  — from offices and co-working spaces to schools and student accommodation, hotels, galleries, and libraries, at communal tables in cafes and restaurants, and on floors, for kids to play together, apart. If there was an ‘Anti-Social Social Distancing Club’, we would vote Elenberg to be its president!

Designer: Zahava Elenberg

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