Nomads Want Jazzed Up Car Interiors

A car for some people is 4 wheels with an enclosure meant for transportation. To the nomadic tribe who consider it a second home, it’s a haven where they escape to when they want burn some rubber. Jazzing up the interiors of this second home is the Nomadic Device Integration System or NDI for short. The in-dash unit syncs up all your gizmo peripherals to one system and projects their functions and menus to the UI dashboard for easy access. Safe and fast, NDI looks to be what the car & gizmo-crazy teens would want!

Designer: Joshua Saling


  • M.S.W. says:

    Lovely design.
    Like how the pod is also the car’s “key”.
    Would certainly be interesting to see a real life mockup of this in a car during high sun to see how visable the virtual UI is.
    I would certainly be interested in seeing if this would pass the strcit rules on UI of the Department of Transportation. (Look how long it took to let dash mounted GPS screens in. Not to mention it looks like this is drive by wire. Which still has yet to be permitted by DOT in any incarnation)

  • ilya says:

    Great looking interior mate! I’d love to own a vehicle with something as technologically advanced as this in the future.

  • Henrique Staino says:

    Terrible idea for the steering wheel. I want to see how nice it must be to do a parallel parking with that.

  • creative says:

    what? no cupholders??

    kiddin’, damn fine job!

  • zippyflounder says:

    looks nice, reminds me of the citroen sm from the 70’s. The steering wheel is problematic, would like to see how it feels in mockup first. The multi mode thing is cool, but in reality much like adjustable seats people find something they like and lock that down though.

  • mikel says:

    I see some real potential in this concept.

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