Legally Paint Freely on Any Wall You Wish

So your desire is that of a villain. So you want to do the painting version of killing a puppy. So you like graffiti. You’re gonna have some opposition, and you’re gonna have it immediately. If you want the good walls, you’re gonna have to earn em. And you’re gonna need a plan. Most hott and amazing graffiti writers plan beforehand. Here’s the tool. Here it is. This is the one you need. This is the graffiti writers fun book. You’re still writing in a plain ol’ sketchbook? Get ‘atta here.

Jay kay, y’all. Any kind of paper will do. But check this out. It’s called the “Walls Notebook,” and it’s by the dude, the Forlee dude. Flip through the pages of 80 pre-printed New York “clean” scenes that you, the writer, can take command of. “Minus the jail time.”

Don’t get caught.

Designer: Sherwood Forlee